Veteran's Day: The Tom Russell Anthology

Tom Russell

2 x CD (2008) - Shout Factory / Hightone / Musikkoperatørene

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Folk / Countryrock / Americana / Singer/songwriter

Joshua Tree
One and One
U.S. Steel
Home Before Dark
Navajo Rug
Veteran's Day
Outbound Plane Lyrics
Gallo Del Cielo
Haley's Comet
Cleaning Windows
Tulare Dust/They're Tearin' the Labor Camps Down
The Rose of the San Joaquin
Out in California
St. Olav's Gate
Big Water
The Angel of Lyon
Blue Wing
Beyond the Blues

The Sky Above, the Mud Below
Throwin' Horseshoes at the Moon
Down the Rio Grande
California Snow
Touch of Evil
Isaac Lewis
Kid From Spavinaw
Tonight We Ride
Van Ronk
The Pugilist at 59
Ash Wednesday
Stealing Electricity
Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?
The Death of Jimmy Martin
Dark Angel
Roll the Credits

Woody Guthrie
Merle Haggard
Johnny Cash
Townes Van Zandt
Steve Young
Peter Case
Guy Clark
John Prine

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Ein veteran ser tilbake. Han har mykje bra å sjå tilbake på.
- Oddmund Berge, 09.02.09

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