Keep an Eye on the Sky

Big Star

4 x CD (2009) - Rhino / Warner Music

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Sørstatsrock / Countryrock / Bluesrock / Powerpop

Psychedelic Stuff (original mix
All I See Is You
Every Day as We Grow Closer (original mix)
Try Again (early version)
The Ballad of El Goodo
In the Street (alternate mix)
Thirteen (alternate mix)
Don't Lie to Me
The India Song (alternate mix)
When My Baby's Beside Me (alternate mix)
My Life Is Right (alternate mix)
Give Me Another Chance (alternate mix)
Try Again
Gone with the Light
Watch the Sunrise (single version)
ST 100/6 (alternate mix)
The Preacher (Excerpt) - Rock City
In the Street (alternate single mix)
Feel (alternate mix)
The Ballad of El Goodo (alternate lyrics)
The India Song (alternate version)
Country Morn
I Got Kinda Lost (demo)
Back of a Car (demo)
Motel Blues (demo)

There Was a Light (demo)
Life Is White (demo)
What's Going Ahn (demo)
O My Soul
Life Is White
Way Out West
What's Going Ahn
You Get What You Deserve
Mod Lang (alternate mix)
Back of a Car (alternate mix)
Daisy Glaze
She's a Mover
September Gurls
Morpha Too (alternate mix)
I'm in Love with a Girl
O My Soul (alternate version)
She's a Mover (alternate version)
Daisy Glaze (rehearsal version)
I Am the Cosmos
You and Your Sister
Blue Moon (demo)
Femme Fatale (demo)
Thank You Friends (demo)
Nightime (demo)
Take Care (demo)
You Get What You Deserve (demo)

Lovely Day (demo)
Downs (demo)
Jesus Christ (demo)
Holocaust (demo)
Big Black Car (alternate demo)
Jesus Christ
Femme Fatale
O, Dana
Kizza Me
You Can't Have Me
Dream Lover
Big Black Car
Blue Moon
Stroke It Noel
For You
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Kanga Roo
Thank You Friends
Take Care
Lovely Day
Till the End of the Day (alternate mix)
Nature Boy (alternate mix)

Live at Lafayette's Music Room -
Memphis, TN, January 1973:
When My Baby's Beside Me
My Life Is Right
She's a Mover
Way Out West
The Ballad of El Goodo
In the Street
Back of a Car
The India Song
Try Again
Watch the Sunrise
Don't Lie to Me
Hot Burrito
I Got Kinda Lost
Baby Strange
There Was a Light
ST 100/6
Come On Now
O My Soul

Flamin' Groovies

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