Asleep in the Bread Aisle

Asher Roth

CD (2009) - Universal / Universal

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Lark On My Go-Kart
Blunt Cruisin'
I Love College
La Di Da
Be By Myself
She Don't Wanna Man
Sour Patch Kids
As I Em
Lion's Roar
Bad Day
His Dream


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College stories

A very weak album from a weak artist.

Have you ever wondered what the soundtrack of "American Pie 7" sounds like? Well, wonder no longer.

Asher Roth presents us with the mindless answer that it is. Asleep in the Bread Aisle has that straight to video feel that would have followed that movie. After the incredible amount of media attention and internet hype that surrounded him from way before the release, one would have expected more from the so-called next great white rapper. But alas the sheer amount of mediocrity and idiocy represented between the 15 songs is incredulous.

Most people have during the past few months/weeks had the great fortune/misfortune of hearing his first single I Love College playing on the radio or picked it up on their trails along the net. It's a song designed for the over-excited fourteen-fifteen year old boy who's recently discovered hip-hop, drinking, women and the joys of marihuana, and gotten the faint idea that college is the Promised Land for all these activities.

In Norway that's pretty much covered during the russetid and that's exactly what this song is an anthem for. With a chorus droning: "I love college, I love drinking, I love women, I love college" you get the idea what he's pointing at. The sort of sweet pop-hip-hop beat going is totally annihilated by the frat-boy chants at the end of the song (CHUG! CHUG CHUG! KEG STAND KEG STAND! Etc. etc.)

That this song is the main selling point of the record is indicative of the rest of the record and paints a picture of what to expect and what is delivered. For an artist hailed as the next Eminem, Asher Roth does his to disprove this fact with songs that lack feel, nerve and groove for all y'all who still care about that shit.

His lack of lyrical fluency is incredibly annoying, and increases the sense of disappointment - especially when his tone and inflection is an incredible study into the inflections of Eminem. In La Di Da he tries to ascertain upon himself the struggles of the rap game which I seriously doubt he ever has experienced. Which is followed by Be By Myself where he is joined by Cee-Lo who delivers a petty hook with nothing going on in the soul department.

Sour patch kids is another trip down mediocrity lane and further establishes Asher Roth in the image he's trying to sell, critical government conspiracy against 420. His answer to critics for the Eminem hassle is represented in As I Em and is driven forward by a reggae beat, and what sounds like Eminem on the vocals and sort of destroys the whole point of the defense and the song. The album's sole surprise is Busta Rhymes' guest appearance on Lion's Roar which has a great beat and Busta outshines Asher without looking back.

All in all this a very weak album from a weaker artist who has a huge apparatus behind him pushing him forward as the white middleclass alternative to all the other rapartists. Asher is far from the new Eminem and stands far from other "white" hip-hop acts that actually have something to say and deliver a certain quality of rap. I'd recommend Paul Wall's new album Fast Life if you want a white rapper delivering the goods and sit tight Busta Rhymes is back this coming Monday. As for me I think I'll put this album as far back as I can get in my shelf and dust it off if I ever have to DJ a russevent!

Asher Roth er booket til årets Øyafestival.

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