Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards

Tom Waits

3 x CD (2006) - Anti / Bonnier Amigo

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Blues / Cabaret / Folk / Vaudeville / Country / Jazz / Avantgarde / Spoken word

Lie to Me
Fish in the Jailhouse
Bottom of the World
Ain't Goin' Down to the Well
Lord I've Been Changed
Puttin' on the Dog
Road to Peace
All the Time
The Return of Jackie and Judy
Walk Away
Sea of Love
Buzz Fledderjohn
Rains on Me

Bend Down the Branches
You Can Never Hold Back Spring
Long Way Home
Widow's Grove
Little Drop of Poison
Shiny Things
World Keeps Turning
Tell It to Me
Never Let Go
Fannin Street
Little Man
It's Over
If I Have To Go
Goodnight Irene
The Fall of Troy
Take Care of All My Children
Down There By The Train
Danny Says
Jayne's Blue Wish
Young At Heart

What Keeps Mankind Alive
Children's Story
Heigh Ho
Army Ants
Books of Moses
Bone Chain
Two Sisters
First Kiss
Dog Door
Home I'll Never Be
Poor Little Lamb
Altar Boy
The Pontiac
Spidey's Wild Ride
King Kong
On the Road

Bob Dylan
Howlin' Wolf
Captain Beefheart
Kurt Weill
Charles Bukowski
Jack Kerouac
Chuck E. Weiss
Johnny Dowd

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Ein stor og omfattande dose Waits, men slett ingen overdose.
- Oddmund Berge, 09.01.07

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