One from the Heart

Tom Waits

CD (1982) - Columbia / Legacy / Sony Music
(COL 515130 2)

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Filmmusikk / Singer/songwriter / Jazz

Opening Montage:
-Tom's Piano Intro
-Once Upon a Town
-The Wages of Love
Is There Any Way Out of This Dream?
Picking Up After You
Old Boyfriends
Broken Bicycles
I Beg You Pardon
Little Boy Blue
Instrumental Montage:
-The Tango
-Circus Girl
You Can't Unring a Bell
This One's From the Heart
Take Me Home
Candy Apple Red
Once Upon a Town/Empty Packets

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Anmeldelser på

Lekkert album
Flott nyutgivelse av musikken til Francis Ford Coppolas film fra 1982.
- Fredrik Eriksen, 21.03.04

Vakre duetter
Fint soundtrack som også brakte kjærligheten inn i livet til Tom Waits.

- Johnny Wilhelmsen, 04.12.11

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