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Supersalg på Interregnum Records

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Ble Medlem: 05 Okt 2006
Innlegg: 95

Innlegg Tittel: Supersalg på Interregnum Records Svar med Sitat

...kjører et salg nå. Jeg har selvsagt alt fra før, lol. Sakser inn:


For kun 150 kroner får du tre valgfrie utgivelser fra Interregnum Records, frakt inkludert. Tilbudet gjelder fra 22. april til og med 5 mai. Vær rask, det er ikke alt det er like mye igjen av!

Alle utgivelsene kommer i digipak med design av Trine + Kim Design Studio, og er i begrenset opplag på 500 (med unntak av de to første som kun er trykket opp i 300). Sitater fra anmeldelser finner du nederst.

OBS! Når du bestiller må du velge location, legge super-DEALen i handlekurven, og spesifiser hvilke tre cd-er du ønsker i Paypals kommentarboks.

Hvis du ikke har Paypal eller sitter på spørsmål, send en e-post til andreas@interregnumrecords.com

Apples & Milk: Master of Disguise [INT001]
”simply beautiful”

”An ear for good melodies and a pleasant, soft voice.” – Groove

”Makes me think about the quiet and nice time between sunset and sunrise a midsummer night. (5/6)” - Musiq

”Like a non-southern Iron & Wine or more pop-minded Mountain Goats, Apples & Milk’s Master of Disguise debut EP is simply beautiful … Most of the EP is soft and elusive—making definite comparisons and guesses at influences hard to pin down. Perhaps this is because of Reiten’s extensive musical background: there are simply too many influences and ideas bouncing around in his head that what comes out sounds original. And it is. Calming, cool, reflective, and never abrasive, Apples & Milk complete an impressive debut in Master of Disguise that hints at the sheer depth of musical potential Magnus Reiten has. (4/5)” – Music Emissions

”Some people are so talented...” – Norman Records

”We're not generally inclined to include reviews of folk-oriented singer-songwriters but Apples & Milk's six-song EP Master of Disguise is just too pretty to be denied … Reiten's acoustic folk-pop songs sound less melancholic than reflective and more summery than wintry. Enhancing Master of Disguise's appeal, Reiten opts for uncluttered arrangements, and exudes confidence without being strident or overbearing” – Textura

”A poetic bittersweetness bleeds through lyrics as well as the music, and resembles Iron & Wine.” – Gaffa

”A thick, mild image of sound that meets the listener.” – Undertoner

Robedoor: Closer to the Cliff [INT002]

”The sense of space created here is astounding … Each lengthy track ebbs and flows but never really builds to any sort of peak, feeling not so much like songs but closer to excerpts from bizarre field recordings. 9/10” - Foxy Digitalis

”What a delightful gruesome album!” - Groove

”Closer to the Cliff comes as close as anything possibly could to capturing what the earth's dying moments might sound like” - Textura

Pronounced ”Sex”: XXX [INT003]
”deeply disturbing”

”A beautiful, nice record” – Monochrom

”If either William Burroughs or HP Lovecraft hadn’t turned their hands to the written word and had taken up music instead, this is how their strange missives from inhuman dimensions most probably would have sounded … Make no mistake, this is a deeply disturbing and terrifying album, one which plumbs Stygian depths that very few other dark ambient albums get down to.” – Heathen Harvest

”This CD is a wonderful collection of electronic drones and soundscapes, seemingly dredged from the deep ocean floor … Filled with music best heard alone, with a single candle burning, this is an album that will stand the test of time, electronic music without fashion or aging.” - Terrascope

”The seven tracks of this album are vast spaces with black corridors, synth ambient washes and unstable and disquieting atmospheres.” – Loop

Moon: Tales of Long Dead Ladies [INT004]
”sountrack to your dreams”

”Tales of Long Dead Ladies proves to be a shining light in a largely languid pit of newly released ambient music … Looking for a soundtrack to your dreams, then look no further than the ‘Moon’ .8/10” - Experimusic

”The music drifts hazily in and out of focus, with voices and electronics ebbing and flowing throughout. Though Moon's sound is disorienting and mildly turbulent too, Tales of Long Dead Ladies nevertheless impresses for the subtle and nuanced handling of its material.” – Textura

"With help from a merciless treatment of the guitar, a suiting use of bass and the hypnotic vocals, Moon gets far in the 33 minutes the album lasts: ambient, folk, noise, spacerock ... Every number has its own idea, its own identity and never gets boring." - Undertoner

Greg Malcolm: Leather and Lacy [INT005]
”this is hardcore minimalism”

”Extraordinarily stretching, captivating and sometimes also mysterious.” – Caleidoscoope

”Malcolm can kick up storm – witness the eruption of fuzz at the end of “The Crust” – but at heart he’s a melody man, which makes Lacy’s compositions especially a propos. Lacy’s music could often be reduced to a sung line; Malcolm takes those lines as the instigation for scrawls that run well off the jazz page. His groove clanks more than it swings, and his extrapolations take Lacy into an imagined zone bounded by folk, rock and noise.” – Dusted Magazine

”It is a soundscape that somehow totally engages the listener and cut’s them off from external influences thanks to its slow, almost requiem-esque aesthetic. The trio of guitars each occupy a specific range within the musical-sphere to create what sounds like a one-man orchestra and as such a rich and introspective tapestry of melodica-laced drone is carved … Such is the nervy and intimate atmosphere created by Malcolm’s delicate melodies and subtly foreboding ambience that one could only imagine that witnessing it live would have been a surreal, almost otherworldly experience that would have rocked you to the core. This is hardcore minimalism. (8.5/10)” - Experimusic

”In combining acoustic folk playing and bleeding, free-form electric noise, Malcolm brings a healthy yet respectful irreverence to his interpretations while also remaining true to the adventurous spirit of the originals … Lacy's pieces don't get lost in the experimental shuffle, however, as the compositions' themes are typically clearly enunciated, even when wrapped in abstract fuzz.” - Textura

”This is sublime jazzy freak folk and a completely convincing rethinking of [Steve] Lacy’s music” - Geiger

”Frequently noisy, his work centres on melodic improvisation, fished delicately to the surface of a pool of clang and buzz … A languid pace predominates, the tapping of feet centring things – even their electric extension – on an earthily human, bodily scale, and providing plenty of space for the attention to turn from the tune back to the rest of the sound.” – The Wire

”These are amazing stories woven by one man! ... Percussive dialings, shimmery scrapings, clean melodies, musty desert wind. It's all so strange and wonderful, emotional and timeless. This is wise and magical stuff. Pull up a log and lean in. (8/10)”- The Silent Ballet

Bastion: Bastion [INT006]
”majestic drones”

”A set of black-metal drones … escalates from a restrained beginning of ghostly moans and crackling noise into a discombobulating screech of woozy dronescaping, saxophone streams, metallic guitar layers, and drunken voices (brace yourself for the eardrum-shattering close)” – Textura

”Sax wunderkind Valerio Cosi joins Italian compatriot and post-rock guitar hero Jukka Reverberi on this collection of majestic drones … Free jazz-influected sax in this context may seem incongruous, to put it mildly, but somehow the duo makes it work splendidly” - The Wire

”The music lies in the crossroad between drone and noise, but where drone is meditative and noise may occure static, bastion attempts to create progression in the tracks by fulfilling the drones and attack them with striking disturbance”- Undertoner

”An enchanting, but also to some degree disturbing music. Listening to this music is like going wild in a dark wood and partially spot the lights that falls on the trees green leaves. The four compositions "Ohm", "69 blau und wiess", "Dancing bones" and "Red Star", all are examples of drone music at its best. With an almost meta physic sense of fine textures reveales an interesting world of sound. Recomended for fans of labels such as Touch and Baskaru.” - Geiger

”Bastion is powerful, mostly refraining from drowning in its own, cultish weirdness, and finding a musical location that is astounding to listen to.” – The Silent Ballet

”Dark and mysterious … Intangible but brilliant.”- Caleidoscoope
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