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Nya releaser från Deleted Art (Bear Quartet etc.)

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Ble Medlem: 20 Nov 2006
Innlegg: 13

Innlegg Tittel: Nya releaser från Deleted Art (Bear Quartet etc.) Svar med Sitat

New shit available from Deleted Art Records.

Wyo Stars - Basuco Spells 12"

Are Wyo Stars crazed fusion funkateers from outer space trying to master the L.A. experimental rock scene of the future? One might believe so after listening through Basuco Spells, the new record from these former Howl dudes. They at least seem to be beyond description in any standard way. They mix the avant, the experimental, the soft and the melodic of a lot of different genres. Still, it ends up being a grown-up soundtrack to a weird sci-fi blaxploitation cartoon for children who see things in more dimensions than three. Or let us put it this way: these guys used to be in bands like Bad Dudes, Miracle Chosuke, Upsilon Acrux, Dolphin City and Ranal Ape. Ring a bell? Well, even if it doesn’t, take some time with this light and airy production of some of the freshest sounds out there. Dance to the most challenging easy listening sci-fi pop we’ve come across in a long while. Laugh, play and roll around in an imaginary field to this rollercoaster ride of dreamlike punk-prog. If you have an open mind you will love it.
Bear Quartet / The Skull Defekts - Millions 7" Split
Split 7" with two of the finest bands in Sweden, The Bear Quartet and The Skull Defekts. Both bands are doing the song 'Millions'.
Aa (BIG A little a) - Glossy 12"

Two new epic tribal jams from loveable Brooklyn outfit BiG A Little a. “Mossy” and “Glow Wreath” make up an EP that reflects a less aggressive band, now leaning more towards drums, percussion and chanting than the joyous bursts of loveable noise heard on the LP “gAame”. It’s a more laid back vibe, not so in your face and all over you at the same time; less skronk, less shouting, fewer odd sounds.
Both songs here are of substantial length and both fade out into a drone-like second part. Previously you suspect the band might have put down more songs instead of creating differing parts to the one track, but not this time around – and it works perfectly.
“Glossy” is unmistakably BiG A Little a, but there’s a progression to be heard – and maybe even a growing musical maturity. We get moments that are reminiscent of the full length too, we just don’t get the most energetic and convulsive parts. Any fans of These Are Powers, Liars or even Animal Collective should find themselves at home here, while there are even hints of a more restrained Health to be heard.
DD/MM/YYYY - Black Square LP

Who would’ve thought that these guys were from Canada? Not me. I mean they have this updated Les Savy Fav thing going. All in a fresh L.A. style. Or Baltimore. Maybe Brooklyn. But Toronto? No offense, I like a lot of bands from Toronto and Canada, but none of them sounds like this.
DD//MM//YYYY go on like a pop infused An Albatross with an old school Mae-Shi mentality, and suddenly they decide they’re not only loving complex rhythms, they go all out dance party! Sometimes in the same song. They might even touch down on some post-punk spot here and there too. Might sound like a lot to take in but hey, jam-packing your songs and album full of good stuff is not always a bad thing. Hell, I must say I like it.
Covering a lot of musical territories might not be a big selling point in this day and age, but for fans of above mentioned bands and other loveable dudes like Xbxrx and/or Parts and Labor this will be nothing but welcome to your home!

All titles can be purchased via www.deletedstore.com
More info visit: www.deletedart.org

Upcoming releases:
Pterodactyl - Arnolds Park 12"EP
The Bronx - I,II,III triple LP box-set
Ved - Gershwins Pipe LP
John Essing - s/t LP
Terrible Eagle - s/t LP
Bipolar Bear - s/t LP
26.02.10 07:58
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