Marina forlater Bonde Do Role

Har kansellert sin Australiaturné, det arbeides med å finne erstatter.

Marina Vella, en tredel av brasilianske Bonde Do Role, forlater bandet. I en kommentar fra Bonde Do Role heter det:

- Following the departure of Marina, it is with great regret that Bonde Do Role have had to cancel their Australian tour.

The band will no longer be continuing with the same format, and remaining members Pedro and Gorky are currently working hard to recruit another person.

Bonde Do Role have had an incredible year and have been through some unforgettable experiences together, and still remain friends. Gorky says: 'we really are so sorry for cancelling the shows and to disappoint our fans. We're gonna try to make it up to everyone as soon as we can'.

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