Intervju: Stephen Malkmus

Ex-Pavement aktuell med sin tredje under eget navn - og avslører at Aunt Mary er blant hans favorittskiver!

Stephen Malkmus er aktuell med sin tredje soloplate, titulert Face the Truth. Malkmus er fortsatt mest kjent og vel også anerkjent for tida som vokalist, gitarist og låtskriver i 90-tallets indiehelteband Pavement, men solokarrieren tar et syvmilssteg kvalitetsmessig med Face the Truth. Og egentlig så er vel også den første ordentlige soloplata. De to forregående har vært laget i tett samarbeid med The Jicks. Når mannen som ga oss klassikere som Slanted & Enchanted og Crooked Rain Crooked Rain med Pavement er tilbake i storform kjente selvfølgelig sin besøkelsestid og tok en prat med sjefen sjøl.

- Was there a single event that made you interested in music as a young man?

SM: My older cousins copy of Roxy Music with the naked girls on it!!!

- When and how did you realize that you could write songs?

SM: I played bass in a generic California Circle Jerks inspired punk band. I found I could crank out songs and it was FUN. I will spare you the results as they were pretty corny... Oh well here are some of my early titles (I was 15): Suicide, this was a funny one Fast Food Dude, Murder at the Matinee...

- How do you write songs? What comes first, melody line, text, chord progression or a feeling/mood?

SM: Melody line and chord progression come together as i play with finger and thumb... and a little text, maybe a first line or a chorus.

- Is this different now from the early days in Pavement?

SM: Probably. I think... I played more with a pick back then and used different tunings. Also now I never want to sound like My Bloody Valentine, The Fall and Velvet Underground. I'm trying to paint different rooms.

- Have you written your best song yet?

SM: On this record you mean? Not sure. As far as genre goes, maybe no more shoes is my best extended jam song yet...

- What are the Pavement songs you're most pleased with?

SM: Shoot the Singer, Extradition, Billie, Silent Kid, Fame Throwa and Give it a Day.

- How about your solo work?

SM: Deado, Water and a Seat, It Kills, Baby Come On, Pink India, and Witch Mountain Bridge.

- Did you at any time feel part of the lo fi movement?

SM: Yes, if it is defined as DIY (Do It Yourself) recording and avoiding industry recording standards of the early 90's (big drums tiny guitars, lexicon reverb everywhere)

- What's your favourite bands of today?

SM: New Pornographers, Spoon, Dead Meadow, Kinski and M Ward.

- I saw you live at Rockefeller in Norway in 1997. I remember being disappointed that you didn't play Gold Soundz. Great concert though. Guess it's even worse today, all the fans wanting to hear "their" favourite song. Do you play mostly new stuff today?

SM: Oh yeah, some old Jicks songs I guess. We are a real band with a real sound. One may not llike it (ie we might not be that good), but we are a band, have a band sound, and that is a great accomplishment.

- With the new solo album out. Can you tell us a little bit about your touring plans? Are you coming to Norway?

SM: I think we are coming to Norway in September. Doing two weeks in USA in June, and a month in Europe in September.

- Today one can download MP3 samples of practically speaking any band in only a few minutes. Is this a problem or do you consider it a blessing?

SM: No problem for me. I don't have time to do it, but if it allows peole to hear something they usually would not check out, I think it is a good thing. Maybe buy a t shirt or a cd of the band if it really connects with you!!

- Are you politically interessted? Any thoughts on the western culture/world?

SM: I am pro intervention in instances of human rights abuse. Hopefully the self interest of the oil hungry, but DICTATOR-free west can lead to spread of human rights and "freedom" in a greater sense. It is all we have to work with right now, so might as well be realistic and find warps in the system that lead to positive things

- Thanks for giving us some of your time. A final question, what are your 5 favourite albums of all time?

Dinosaur Jr: You're Living All Over Me
Black Flag: Damage,
Rush: A Farewell to Kings
Aunt Mary: s/t
Moby Grape: s/t

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