Intervju: Hood

Richard Adams om inspirasjon, folk-musikk og favorittalbum.

Brødrene Christopher and Richard Adams startet Hood i hjembyen Leeds for 15 år siden. Hoods musikk er kjent for å oppleves som visuell, og kan gi assosiasjoner til den britiske landsbygda, grå triste arbeiderstrøk eller storbyens forsteder. Hood promotorerer for tida sin siste plate, Outside Closer. En plate som ble belønnet med 6/7 av Dessverre kunne ikke Richard Adams love noen konsert i Norge med det første, men han svarte velvillig på våre spørsmål om inspirasjon, folk-musikk og favorittalbum.

- In my review I described your music as something between folk and electronica. Does that make sense to you?

Richard: That's fine. We like folk and electronic music and I'm glad you have managed to spot both things. It's weird, the modern (electronica) and something that has been around for years (folk), both equally valid and both a big part of what we do.

- What inspired you to start writing songs and creating music?

Richard: I don't know - we just kind of fell into it. We always enjoyed attempting to play music at home and writing songs. We don't have any musical training we just kind of do it!

- How do you create music? From melody line, chord progressions, lyrics or jamming?

Richard: All different kinds of ways. Often starting with a beat - often a melody line/chord progression or a loop - it changes from song to song. Lyrics are usually added later. Sometimes we jam as a band but not much.

- Do you have day jobs or is Hood a full time project now?

Richard: Its kind of a part time project - we have either part time or temporary jobs. I guess its a nice place to be, but its very difficult to balance the two, unfortunately Hood doesn't pay a wage and we've never made the right kind of career moves to get the money rolling in. That said it's good to have a job and keep your feet on the ground. I think a lot of bands live in their own bubble and don't see the real world.

- Is Hood more at home in the studio or onstage?

Richard: In the studio definitely. We're getting better with the live thing, but we're still happier messing around in the studio.

- To me your music is very visual thing, and it often takes me to places that I certainly can visualise and see. Have you ever worked with video? Any soundtrack projects?

Richard: We've done about 5 videos and have worked on one soundtrack for a local film that i don't think happened in the end. Yes it is very visual and we are interested in visuals. We play in front of a screen featuring films we've made - it's an important part of what we do.

- Do you consider your music urban or rural?

Richard: Rural with a hint of urban menace but wishing it was completely rural.

- Do you read a lot?

Richard: Not loads. Personally i just read the usual stuff; rock biographies, football books - the odd short story thing. I like David Sedaris. I'm terrible with novels.

- What inspire you from day to day?

Richard: People, places, Leeds and surrounding district, anger at things that happen, stupid people, rubbish music as well as good music. We tend to get angry at percieved injustices and that gets us motivated to write music and do something with our lives.

- You've never played in Norway have you?

Richard: No. The world's so big and we do relatively little touring compared to other bands. We'd like to come definitely.

- Do you know any norwegian artists?

Richard: Erm... AqPop - are they Norwegian? And Röyskopp and Kings of Convenience, Sondre Lerche - am i right?

- Finally, what are your favourite albums of all time?

REM - Murmur
Thinking Fellers Union local 282: Tangle
Go-Betweens: 15 Lovers Lane
Talk Talk: Laughing Stock
Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen
Guided by Voices: Bee Thousand
Disco Inferno: DI Go Pop
Chic: Risque

And oh, probably about a million more!

Hood er aktuelle med Outside Closer (Domino/Playground), 2005.

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